I love that there are over 100 soup recipes on Seriously Soupy as a catalog of all my soup creations. One idea that I have had over the years is to transform this contest into a book. A new resource, Foodforge, is helping home cooks achieve that dream through their free online recipe manager. Through this online resource, cooks can store their recipes and access them, easily, without the noise of ads or the typical limitations that often accompany recipe managers. For example, with one click, you can print, in book format, with table of contents, your recipes or download them to your computer. The beauty of this is there are no recipes from other bloggers or writers – it is simply for YOU! No sharing or noise – just your recipes!

It is also really easy to sign up. Simply enter your email and password where you signed into their interface. Here you will discover a place to add your recipes, which you can do manually or via a remote look-up where they search for the recipe via your website. I tried this with my Butternut Squash soup and loved that after I placed the URL in the soup was in Foodforge database. From there you can backup your recipe, print it or save it. The site also includes a shopping list for you to stay on top of what you need for your recipes and notes for you to track your recipes. The beauty of this site is the simplicity, and I think home cooks will love its interface that will allow your recipes to be organized – without any clutter, noise or content from other people’s sites. This site is all about you and storing your recipes in the best possible location online.

More benefits of Foodforge

  • Free online recipe manager
  • Simple and powerful
  • Ad-free, uncluttered and fast
  • Print your collection in book form with one click
  • Recipes are private unless you share them
  • Add any Internet recipe to your collection
  • Accessible on any tablet or mobile phone

Foodforge – Simply Powerful Recipe Management  http://www.foodforge.com

Posted: Friday, November 30th, 2012 @ 10:59 pm
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