Blogging through this little soup site had given me some pretty incredible opportunities one of which was having the opportunity to meet chef and restaurateur, Marcus Samuelsson and chat about vegetables and soups – some of which just happen to be my favorite things! The veggie talk was because Marcus is an ambassador for Bird’s Eye who was in Union Square with live cooking demonstrations, giveaways and a vegetable snow farm – complete with snow-covered vegetables (showing that vegetables and vegetable eating is always in season).

At the event, Maruc also revealed  his ideal veggie-powered plate and demonstrated a new recipe for Birds Eye Vegetable Quinoa Pilaf.  Stating, “I want to inspire America to bring vegetables back to the center of the plate – one beautiful and flavorful meal at a time.”

Maruc also announced the new Birds Eye “My Perfect Veggie-Powered Plate” Facebook application. The application allows people to create and share their perfect meal – starting with vegetables.  For every veggie-powered plate created on Facebook, Birds Eye will donate vegetables for 10 meals as a part of its Feed Kids Better initiative with Share Our Strength (hoping for up to 1 million meals through September 2012)*.

Before the kick-off, I had the chance to chat with Marcus to learn some tips on how to make veggies tasty for kids as well as what his favorite soup is. Here is a snippet of our interview:

Seriously Soupy: I’m a mom of two of kids and vegetables have been very difficult for me to incorporate in my older daughter’s diet. What are some of your tips to get kids to eat their vegetables?

Marcus Samuelsson: You have to cook fun meals that are flavorful. Something simple like adding vegetables to simple dishes – like a potato curry or a pilaf. Adding lots of vegetables with a crunch, texture and flavor that kids can enjoy. You don’t have to sneak the vegetables – but highlight them and season them. Also, makes kids a part of the process. Have them mix, smell and taste everything. Through this they can appreciate and learn more about food.

SS: What are some of your favorite soups?

MS: I think soups are amazing. Kids can have a roasted chicken, which can then be turned into a chicken soup – allowing them to reminisce on a meal. You can also enhance a foods flavors and build new textures. I love corn soups, carrots, rich broths – soups are really the perfect food.

SS: Do you have any tips for parents who want to introduce new foods to their kids?

MS: Well, I cook Ethiopian and kids can really get involved with this type of eating since they can eat with their hands and connect with their food by exploring new textures and taste profiles. Parents can also start gradually by cooking what a child likes and then slowly incorporating more veggies into their foods. Grilling is another fantastic way for kids to learn to love vegetables and appreciate their flavors.

SS: Tell me about how you got involved with your various charities.

MS: I always think about corporate responsibility and how a company can give back. For example, Share Your Strength is pledging to give back 1 million meals. That is something I truly believe in.


For additional information about Share Our Strength, please visit:

For additional information about Bird’s Eye, please visit:



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